About Us

With the experience and know-how gained from over 60 years of plastic packaging, Darbox develops, designs, manufactures and supplies open-top, nestable and stackable UN-certified heavy-duty all-plastic HDPE and PP containers and drums.

Darbox has a worldwide reputation for excellence in industrial packaging, and provides a high-quality standard for the packaging, storage and transportation of high value, sensitive and hazardous materials including powders, flakes, granulates, tablets, capsules, pastes and more.

Satisfied Darbox clients include leading companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, excipient, cosmetic and food additive industries, particularly in the segments of API’s, ingredients, excipients, intermediates, flavors and fragrances.

The high value product being developed for today’s markets require secure, cost-saving, eco-friendly and reliable packaging. 

Packaging which can be trusted—both by manufacturer and end user—to ensure safe transit and storage, to help contain the delivered cost per kg, lb, L or gallons, to address environmental concerns and to meet strict legislative requirements.

Over 60 years of experience.
UN Heavy-Duty Packaging 10L-120L.

Above Expectations

Darbox provides bulk and small bulk packaging with a unique and innovative design that goes above and beyond expectations.

Darbox saves you the time and efforts to focus on your products — so you can pack and transport your product in a secure and reliable outer package, and also so you will  benefit from significant cost-efficient and cost-saving advantages every step of your supply chain.

You can improve your efficiency AND improve your sustainability performance by using Darbox!

Tell us your requirements, Darbox will find the best solution!

Sometimes it's good to be SQUARE!

Global Trends

Reflecting global trends in packaging
that understand the benefits of plastic packaging while addressing environmental concerns,
Darbox makes strong efforts to develop and produce innovative,
eco-positive solutions so packs are designed for use with light-weight yet strong materials for various industries in international markets.

More About Us

Darbox has head offices and a central logistics warehouse center in Or-Akiva with easy access to local ports for worldwide transport. Darbox is ISO 9001:2015 certified and HACCP approved. 

Darbox packaging is tested to meet the international codes for the transport of hazardous goods based on UN recommendations such as ICAO/IATA for air transport, ADR/RID for rail/road, IMO/IMDG for sea.

UN Packaging

By definition, the design and manufacturing criteria required to achieve UN packaging
help to assure a high level of quality
and reliability.
Darbox clients require
safe and secure passage of their
products at every step in the supply
chain.  Due to this, Darbox UN packaging
is also used for non-UN high-value and
sensitive goods.

Client Focused

Strongly client oriented, Darbox strives for top-level service. In addition to the popular existing Darbox packaging solutions used by leading international companies, Darbox also offers clients our complete, highly professional design,
project management and
support service, for all types of
packaging in general and for
UN containers in particular
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